International Kyokushin Organisation (GB) Wales

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The I.K.O. (G.B.) Wales
The I.K.O. (G.B.) - Wales is affiliated to the International Kyokushin Organisation (Great Britain) and the Welsh Karate Governing Body (W.K.G.B.) the Official Governing Body for Karate in Wales as recognised by the Sports Council. We currently have 4 affiliated dojo's in the South Wales area which are; Cefn Cribwr in Bridgend, Garw, Pontllanfraith and Newport. All our Instructors are W.K.G.B qualified  and hold accredited W.K.G.B Coaching Qualifications which incorporates CRB checks, latest Child Protection checks and First Aid qualifications.

The I.K.O. (G.B.) Wales is a non-political organisation dedicated to the teaching and philosophies of our founder Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. We do not engage in politics, preferring to channel our efforts into developing the largest and most successful Kyokushin Organisation in Wales.
Why not visit our News page for the latest on what's happening in the IKO (GB) or visit one of our Dojo's for further information. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. 


Our Focus

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IKO (GB) Instructors

  • to be the centre of expertise for Kyokushin in GB.

  • gaining universal recognition.

  • maintain relevant and up-to-date qualifications and training standards.

  • being recognised and respected as Oyama's voice in the UK.

  • supporting the career development of all people who train in Kyokushin.

  • improving skills and standards through a growing membership.

  • continuously improving our Organisation and services and being the first-choice for training in Kyokushin.

  • promoting Kyokushin through local, national and international Tournaments.

Our Events


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Kyokushin Day Course

  • Student & Instructor Training Courses
  • Local & National Tournaments
  • International Events

  • W.K.G.B. Events

  • First Aid Training

  • Family Events

  • Summer Camps

  • Charity Fund Raising

Our Clubs

Training in the IKO (GB)

  • All clubs are affiliated to the International Kyokushin Organisation (G,B,).

  • Full members of the Welsh Karate Governing Body (W.K.G.B.)

  • Qualified CRB checked Instructors.

  • Traditional Kyokushin Tuition

  • Kyokushin Knockdown Fighting Techniques 

  • Kata Training

  • Strength Training & Body Conditioning

  • Stretching & Flexibility