International Kyokushin Organisation (G.B.) Wales

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Karate?

Karate is a method of training the human body for fighting and self defence purposes. It is widely recognised as the most positive way of developing the instinct and reflexes required against attack by assailants. Through the rigours of the physical exercise a high standard of fitness is achieved. All parts of the body are utilised in punching, blocking, striking and kicking techniques, developing strength, suppleness, agility and quick reactions. Because of the method of training, it is suitable for men, women and children of all ages. It is easily practised at home so has appeal to people of all walks of life. 

What is Kyokushin Karate?

Karate is an ancient Martial Art dating from hundreds possibly thousands of years ago. Originating from the far east as a means towards religious learning. The style of Karate known as Kyokushin was founded by Masutasu Oyama, who having practised the traditional styles of Karate, decided he wanted to develop a more positive style and method for fighting. So, using the best techniques from the old styles he developed what has grown to be known as the ‘Strongest Karate’. Mas Oyama is a legend amongst all karateka, no matter what style they practise. He has probably been the worlds greatest exponent of fighting ever, having never been defeated in combat against all-comers over many years. In testing his own power and skills he has even fought bulls to the death with his bare hands, and his breaking feats have never been surpassed. Since founding the Kyokushin style he watched it grow into the most powerful worldwide organisation ever.


How is Kyokushin Different?

Anyone who knows anything about karate will tell you that the system of training is hard and repetitive, sometimes even boring – but never easy. In a kyokushin dojo the training standard is the same throughout the world, achieved by regular black belt instruction courses and rigid control of senior gradings. Our style is rigorous and totally disciplined, always demanding 100% of the students effort, pushing all the time towards improvement in technique, stamina, power and speed. Basically speaking, we have no time for people who want to ‘play’ at karate. We know that only real positive karate training can possibly benefit and work for the participant

What does it offer ?

The club you will train with is part of the respected International Kyokushin Organisation (GB), the only British organisation recognised by Mas Oyama, so the standard of instruction will be of the highest, and is recognised as such throughout the world. Every 3 months all students are eligible for grading assessment, successful candidates receiving a world recognised certificate. The different colours of the belts show the standard attained, commencing with 10th kyu Red Belt and descending through blue, yellow, green and brown before the coveted black belt.

How far can I go?

Well literally it is up to you. When you start training you will probably be content to train once or twice a week. As you progress to a higher standard you may want to increase your training and karate commitment, attending regional and national courses, specialised sessions and extra training. You may develop an interest in competing against other exponents, either in technique or fighting tournaments at local, area or national level. If you are good enough you could be selected for international level of competition – but everything depends on you and what you want. As far as we are concerned everyone is a potential black belt: the only person who can decide how far you wish to go is yourself.

What do I need to start?

The club secretary will explain how and when you can start your training and can offer all sorts of advise from what you need to wear through to the supply of clothing and equipment. To keep expense to a minimum you do not need to purchase a karate suit (gi) immediately, not until you are sure kyokushin is what you want to do.

Who are the IKO (GB)?

The IKO (GB) was founded in 1991 by instructors having departed from the BKK (the BKK ceased to be officially recognised by Sosai Oyama and the IKO(GB) became the only recognised kyokushin organisation in the UK.). You can be sure that every IKO (GB) black belt has earned his grade the only way possible in kyokushin, by starting as a beginner like you, and working through the grades, through years of true fighting spirit and positive karate training. This club keeps very close contact with the IKO(GB), the instructors attending regular courses and competing or officiating in all events held. The club secretary and the IKO(GB) secretary keeps everyone up to date with newsletters, information on courses and all other events.

Please contact us for further advice and assistance.